Charles Machine INC.
10037 Olean Trail
Summerville, PA. 15864
FAX 814.379.3531



Charles Machine offers expert welding and precision machining under one roof, we
use the resources of those two departments to offer cutting edge fabrication services.
We have the ability to form, cut, bend and weld metal to almost any requirement.

We can take your set of prints for an assembly, or create blueprints for your product,
and make all of the components in-house; then weld and assemble to final completion
all under one roof.

Charles Machine fabricates for many industries, and has a broad range of abilities
to accept almost any job. We have fabricated and assembled weldments ranging from
a few pounds to a few thousand pounds. We have fabrication tables, jigs and fixtures
to construct the most complex assemblies.


We are capable of handling your machining needs whether it be a single part or a run of
parts. We will make it for you. You can rest assured that your part or parts are being machined
on our state of the art machines with precision and the upmost efficiency.

We are continually upgrading and adding to keep up with the times and technology.
With the combination of our leading-edge equipment, along with our tooling, turning,
boring, drilling, milling and grinding services mean your part is handled with
high quality and exactness each and every time.

Contact us to speak about your needs.

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